“Top Shelf® Signature Select” Price List
  Per Cigar Per Box Per Box
Cuban Corona $5.65 $105.95 $96.00
Robusto $5.75 $107.95 $97.00
Toro $5.95 $111.50 $100.00
Churchill $6.15 $114.95 $103.00
Torpedo $6.25 $116.95 $105.00

Experience a very special cigar, exclusively from Top Shelf Cigar Co:

The “Top Shelf® Signature Select” cigar by Don “Pepin” Garcia.

This cigar bears the signature of the owner-operator, Jim Cronin, on the cigar band and box.

Jim Cronin, an avid cigar smoker, has been on a quest to find a superlative cigar on which to put his name and the name of his company. He has been selling a brand called “Don Pepin Garcia” in his shop. These cigars are made in a small factory in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia was a “teacher of teachers” in the arts of blending and rolling cigars in Cuba, where he spent many years developing his skills. He was instrumental in the creation and production of such brands as Cohiba and Montecristo. As fortune would have it, he recently immigrated to the United States. He has since hired some of his students from Cuba to join him in producing his namesake cigars in Miami. All of his rollers are Grade 8 or Master (no apprentices). It follows that the construction and draw of his cigars are impeccable. These cigars, found at a few select tobacconists and cigar bars across the U.S., have proven to be very popular in a short period of time. More importantly, the quality of the cigars has remained consistently excellent. These cigars are intense and full-bodied and are highly recommended by Jim Cronin.

Having had success selling the Don Pepin Garcia brand, Jim Cronin asked Don Pepin to create a super premium cigar to be sold exclusively at Top Shelf Cigar Co., and thankfully, Don Pepin obliged. Jim asked for a cigar that provides a bold taste but is not overpowering. Pepin came up with a blend that has a very balanced flavor profile, that fully stimulates the palate, but that is smooth enough that it can be enjoyed by most aficionados. The aroma is citrus-y and pleasant. The cigar consists of a Nicaraguan grown, Cuban-seed “Corojo ‘99” blend, with gorgeous, silky Colorado wrappers. The result is a cigar that many cigar smokers will crave! By the way, Jim’s favorite size is the corona.


These cigars are available as singles, by the box, and in limited-edition gift boxed samplers of 10 cigars (2 of each size) for $49.95 (while supplies last).

Order by phone at 800-304-7183 or via email at info@topshelfcigar.com.

The “Top Shelf® Signature Select” cigar by Arcenio Ramos of Tropical Tobacco.